LIWG is looking for the LIWG external evaluation

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The Land Information Working Group is looking for the LIWG external evaluation, deadline 22 May 2022.

Mission: Evaluate the implementation of the project: “Strengthening land rights of communities” (project N-LAO-2019-0254) by the Land Information Working Group. The evaluation is to give a realistic opinion, based on evidence, to the donors and other relevant stakeholders involved on performance and results achieved by the LIWG from the period 01.01.2020 to 30.04.2022. It will serve to design a next phase of the project.

The evaluation will provide an external view on how well the project was implemented and to what degree the objectives and indicators have been reached. It will also look at the relevance of the project to the Lao land context but also relevance to LIWG itself according to the LIWG strategy and the new directions taken by LIWG thanks to this project for a more effective impact in mainstreaming grassroots implementation of land rights through mobilization of members. It will also identify recommendations for a next phase.

Evaluation Framework and Methodology

Duration: The mission is estimated to represent 17 full work days planned in May 2020. A first draft of the report will be submitted on the 28th May. A final version will be submitted 2 days after having received the steering committee’s comments.

Location: Preparatory meetings with the LIWG Secretariat and Chairs will be held in Vientiane Capital. Most interviews with project stakeholders will also be held in Vientiane Capital and in provinces.


If you are interested in carrying out this evaluation, please send a Curriculum Vitae and a tender including the following elements:

1. Evaluation technical proposal (3 pages maximum) including the methodology proposed to comply with the requirements of the evaluation.

2. Detailed calendar of the evaluation (based on the work plan included in the workplan).

3. Full budget presenting the costs for the evaluation including transport, accommodation, taxes etc. The budget presented should not exceed 13,000 USD.

4. The Curriculum Vitae and the Tender have to be sent by email by the 22 May 2022 at the latest to the following address:

Term of reference