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Video: Empowering Ethnic Youth to become agents of change in protecting land and natural resources in their communities

ການລົງມືປະຕິບັດຂອງໄວໜຸ່ມແມ່ນມີຄວາມຈໍາເປັນຫຼາຍໃນປັດຈຸບັນ ທີ່ຈະເປັນຜູ້ປົກປັກຮັກສາຊັບພະຍາກອນທໍາມະຊາດໃຫ້ຄົງຢູ່ ເພື່ອເອົາໄວ້ໃຫ້ລູກໃຫ້ຫຼານເຮົາໄດ້ເຫັນໃນອະນາຄົດ.

Video: Legal Calendar as a learning tool on land and natural resources

This video tells about the importance and its impacts to local communities on access to information on laws and regulations in the areas of land and natural resources.

Video: Training of Trainer for the use of Legal Calendar

"we have learnt many interactive methodologies and it helps us to have a better plan for dissemination legal calendar in communities"

Legal Calendar

Protection and sustainable use of forest products: Legal Calendar topic of September - October 2021

This topic aims to build the awareness on the importance of community's participation in the meaningful decision-making on land use allocation, forestland use planning and forest products management.

Protection of conservation forests and forest management participatory: Legal Calendar topic of July – August 2021

This topic aims to inform the implementation of the principles and procedures for planning, protection, management of conservation forests and sustainable use of village resources. The implementation of such activities must be in a way that people in the village can be aware of their roles and responsibilities, which must be clear and well-adopted to ensure the effective implementation.

Assessment of the new Land Law and Forestry Law in Laos: Customary Tenure Rights over Land and Forests

This report specifically details the differences between the newly promulgated Land Law and Forestry Law and their predecessor laws, the Land Law 2003 and the Forestry Law 2007, respectively, noting both their improvements and shortcomings.

Briefing note: Women’s Land Rights Study in Laos

This briefing note ‘Women’s Land Rights Study in Laos’, is a summary of research report commissioned by the LIWG and done by a team of local and international consultants in 2019 on Women and Land rights in Lao PDR: Rural Transformation and a Dream of Secure Land Tenure

Women and Land Rights in Lao PDR: Rural Transformation and a dream of secure tenure

women have lost access to and control over land. In the matrilineal villages, women have lost private customary lowland paddy fields while in the patrilineal villages they have lost mostly fields in communal land areas that were used for subsistence agriculture.

Update LIFE Project

An Awareness Raising Approach to support Customary Tenure Recognition in the three Forest Categories of Khammuane Province, Lao PDR

This case study shows some of the problems in the villages, explains the awareness raising work and gives recommendations for potential upcoming projects.

ປື້ມຄູ່ມື: ແນະນໍາການນໍາໃຊ້ປະຕິທິນກົດໝາຍເຂົ້າໃນການຝຶກອົບຮົມ

ຄູ່ມືແນະນໍາສະບັບນີ້ ແມ່ນໄດ້ພັດທະນາຂຶ້ນມາເພື່ອເປັນເຄື່ອງມືສະໜັບສະໜູນການຝຶກອົບຮົມ ໃຫ້ກັບບັນດາອົງການຈັດຕັ້ງລັດ, ອົງການຈັດຕັ້ງທາງສັງຄົມ ແລະ ພາກເອກະຊົນ ທີ່ນຳໃຊ້ປະຕິທີນກົດໝາຍ ເປັນສື່ໂຄສະນາໃນການຝຶກອົບຮົມວຽກງານກົດ ໝາຍຕາມນະໂຍບາຍ ແລະ ກົດໝາຍທີ່ກ່ຽວ ຂ້ອງກັບທີ່ດິນ ແລະ ຊັບພະຍາກອນທໍາມະຊາດ.

Land information in provinces of Laos

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