PIASVC Tools and Materials


Facilitation Skills

Training Methodologies and Facilitation Skills

Customary Land Rights

Participation of Gender in Land and Natural Resources Management

Causes of the Land Rights Losses

Acquisition of Land Use Rights

Loss of Land Use Rights

Rights of Land Use Rights holders

Obligations of Land Use Rights Holders

Customary Land Rights Acquisition

Acquisition of Land Use Rights and Rights to use the Land for Lao Citizens

Legal Counseling & Access To Justice (A2J)

Communities Awareness Raising on Investment Quality Promotion

Obligations of Land Users

Recognition and Management of Customary Land Rights

A2J for Land Rights Disputes

Rights and Duties of Village’s Natural Resources and Environment Units

Contract Farming

Farmers’ Contractual Roles and Responsibilities in Agriculture Production

What Farmers Should Know Before Engaging in Contract Farming

Causes of the Land Rights Losses

Contract Conditions

Awareness Raising

What is Contract Farming?

5 Rights and 2 Obligations of People Affected by an Investment Project

Responsible Agriculture Investment (RAI)

Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)

10 Principles of RAI

Duties and Responsibilities of Citizen in Pollution Control

Environment Management and Labor’s Safety in Invested Area


Gender Equality and Social Inclusion and Women Land Rights

Law Poster

Visual Cards

Group 1 – Private Land

Group 2 - Household and Public Participation

Group 3 - Household and Public Decision Making

Group 4 - Collective Land

Group 5 - Household Care Work

Group 6 - Impact to Women

Group 7 - Impact to Household and Community

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