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LIWG Newsletter Volume of January - March 2020



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This LIWG Newsletter covers activities from January - March 2020. It provides updates on activities implemented by the Secretariat, its members and its network related to land advocacy, natural resource protection, and the promotion of human rights related to land and natural resource tenures. 

Key topics of this issue are:

  • Provincial Networking in southern Laos: Jhai Coffee Cooperation
  • Legal Calendar Evaluation and Sharing session among members on the use of Legal Calendar
  • LIFE coaching on the use of Legal Calendar to partners
  • Voice Project: Empower youths with ethnic background to become agent of change in protecting land rights in their communities
  • Legal Calendar launching in Savannakhet by JVC
  • Multiple stakeholder Dialogue on Improving Natural Resource Governance by GCA
  • Stories and highlight news on our website
  • Communication and Information sharing on LIWG Facebook page

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