LIWG Newsletter Volume of January - March 2021



LIWG Newsletter covers activities from January - March 2021 is our 10th issue. It provides updates on activities implemented by the Secretariat, its members and its network related to land advocacy, natural resource protection, and the promotion of human rights related to land and natural resource tenures.

Key highlights in this issue are:

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020
  • Women’s Access and Tenure Security in Customary Forest Tenure Systems in Laos Study
  • Legal Calendar 2021 distribution and booklet on the use of Legal Calendar 2021
  • Project on the Public Information and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities in Lao PDR
  • Land Sub-Sector Working Group (LSSWG) and Focus groups on customary land rights and land information system meetings
  • Inception Meeting of Strengthening Agricultural Land Management Project of LIFE project
  • Impact Evaluation for coaching on customary land rights in forest areas
  • Blog stories, recommended videos to watch
  • Highlight news on land and natural resources in Laos