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MONRE asked Lungnamtha province to investigate land leases and concessions projects in the province

Minister of MONRE emphasized to Lungnamtha province to investigate land leases and concessions in the province to ensure those projects are rightful in the real practices according to the laws and regulations strictly and be able to solve the disputes proper timely!

Lao National Assembly voices concerns over loss of state lands

National Assembly members supported the amendment of the land law but expressed concerns about the continuing loss of state lands and conversion of agricultural land into other classifications.

ແຂວງໄຊຍະບູລີ ພົບ 71 ໂຄງການ ທີ່ມີການໃຫ້ເຊົ່າ-ສໍາປະທານແລ້ວ ແຕ່ບໍ່ມີການເຄື່ອນໄຫວ

ທ່ານ ສົມມຈິດ ຈັນທະວົງ ຫົວໜ້າພະແນກຊັບພະຍາກອນທໍາມະຊາດ ແລະ ສິ່ງແວດລ້ອມແຂວງໄຊຍະບູລີໃຫ້ຮູ້ວ່າ: ໃນໄລຍະຜ່ານມາ ແມ່ນສຸມໃສ່ການຈັດຕັ້ງປະຕິບັດຕາມທົດແທນ ການພັດທະນາທີ່ດິນ

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LIWG Newsletter, issue of April - June 2021

Key highlights of this issue are about series of online sessions on the new Land Law and Forestry Law, a sharing good practice of members of their work with community in the province, online coaching on Conflict Resolution to a partner’s organization by LIFE project and key activities from LIWG's member and partner on customary land right recognition. There is also a summary of highlight news and announcement for upcoming activities.

ການເຮັດວຽກຮ່ວມກັບຊຸມຊົນໃນການສ້າງວັງສະຫງວນເພື່ອອະນຸລັກສັດນໍ້າ: ຄວາມສໍາຄັນຂອງການມີສ່ວນຮ່ວມ ແລະ ການຕັດສິນໃຈຂອງຊຸມຊົນ

ການປຶກສາຫາລື ກັບຊຸມຊົນ ຕໍ່ວຽກງານອະນຸລັກ ເປັນໜຶ່ງໃນສິ່ງທີ່ອົງການ WWF-Laos ໃຫ້ຄວາມສໍາຄັນທີ່ພວກ ເຮົາຕ້ອງເຮັດ ເພື່ອໃຫ້ໝັ້ນໃຈວ່າປະຊາຊົນມີສ່ວນຮ່ວມ ແລະ ເຂົ້າໃຈກ່ຽວ ກັບສິ່ງທີ່ ພວກເຮົາຈະເຮັດຮ່ວມກັນ ແລະ ຜົນປະໂຫຍດທີ່ຊຸມຊົນຈະໄດ້ຮັບ

Protection of conservation forests and forest management participatory: Legal Calendar topic of July – August 2021

This topic aims to inform the implementation of the principles and procedures for planning, protection, management of conservation forests and sustainable use of village resources. The implementation of such activities must be in a way that people in the village can be aware of their roles and responsibilities, which must be clear and well-adopted to ensure the effective implementation.