An Awareness Raising Approach to support Customary Tenure Recognition in the three Forest Categories of Khammuane Province, Lao PDR


By LIFE team

The updated forestry law was promulgated in 2019, including, within others, the development of the three forest categories production forest, conservation forest and protection forest. Khammuane in central Laos is one of the provinces that has three forest categories and many villages that have been in the forest for many decades have just recently been defined as lying in one of the forest categories, greatly impacting the life of villagers and their livelihoods.

Since 2018, MRLG together with DoL developed the pilot workstream on customary tenure recognition in the three forest categories. In 2020, the LIFE project supported them to develop and implement awareness raising activities for the 17 pilot villages and the involved authorities in Khammuane Province.

This case study shows some of the problems in the villages, explains the awareness raising work and gives recommendations for potential upcoming projects.

This case study is conducted by by the LIFE Project and The Mekong Region Land Governance Project.

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