The introduction of the Public Information and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities Project (PIASVC) and the sub-grant



On 20 January 2022, Helvetas Laos in partnership with Land Information Working Group (LIWG)  held a meeting of"The introduction of the Public Information  and Awareness Services for Vulnerable Communities Project (PIASVC) PIASVC) and the sub-grant" for the LIWG core members at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The PIASVC project is funded by JSDF (administered by the World Bank) and SDC. It is implemented by Helvetas in partnership with LIWG.

The PIASVC Project aims to improve the access to legal information and counseling services for 30,000 poor and vulnerable persons (of which 60% are women and 85% from ethnic background) in selected rural districts to enhance protection and fulfillment of their natural resources and livelihood rights. It will improve public knowledge on natural resource rights by providing awareness raising and by enhancing legal counseling services for the poorest and most vulnerable communities with approaches tailored to their unique conditions.

Read all detail from documents as following:

PIASVC SG Intro Session

PIASVC Sub-Grant Guidelines

Declaration of Commitment to learning, contributing and sharing

Organizational Capacity and Suitability Assessment

PIASVC Concept Note