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LIWG Newsletter Volume 3



This is the 3rd issue of LIWG Newsletter covers activities from January - March 2018. We aim to provide you with updates on activities implemented by the secretariat, its members and the network related to land advocacy, natural resource protection and the promotion of respecting of human rights related to land and natural resource tenures. 

Key topics of this issue are:

  • Interactive learning and sharing session between Lao CSOs related to land issues in Laos
  • LIWG Annual General Meeting 2018 (AGM)  
  • Land Law Advisory Group to prepare for the presentation the recommendations to the Land Law Revision at the Development Partner meeting
  • The 3rd National Conference on the Review of the Cooperation between the Government of Laos
  • Exchange Session “Studio Laos: Strategy Landscape Planning and Chinese Investment ”
  • Coaching on Access to Justice to the Ministry of Justice by LIFE project
  • Sharing session from Green Lao Community and livelihood of villagers from Ngoi district by LILC
  • Knowledge-sharing platform on land and natural resources

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