LIWG’s online sharing event on "Participatory Village Forest Management”.



On the morning of March 29, 2023, the Land Information Working Group held an online sharing event titled: " Participatory Village Forest Management", presented by Mr. Chantha Uanthavongsi, Director of Community Association for Salvation and Environment (CASE) which is one of the core members of LIWG. This meeting was conducted online through the Google Meet system and in Lao language, which was attended by representatives from the core member organizations of LIWG.

Through this sharing event, the participants learnt a concept about community-based village forest management and the procedures related to participatory land and forest land use planning, defining and demarcating different types of forests, writing village-level forest management plans, implementing village-level forest management plans, and monitoring the implementation of village-level forest management plans. Moreover, the participants exchanged ideas and asked questions which made an informative and helpful sharing event for other people who are implementing their project’s activities in other areas.

This online learning sharing forum is the first time that LIWG organizes to share lessons, successes, experiences and challenges in project activities between member organizations within the network and also to access information and operations at the local level. This activity is expected to create a forum to exchange lessons between members every month. Please follow us for more update!