Forest Law 2007

Land Law 2003

Law on Agriculture 1998

Law on Environmental Protection 2013

Law on Investment Promotion 2016

Law on Livelihoods and Vocation 2018

Law on Mineral 2017

Decrees, Instructions and Orders

Decree 021 on EIA 2019

Decree 84 on compensation 2016

Order No.12 PM on halting concessions 2012

Order No.15 PM on logging export ban 2016


8th NEDP 2016

International Laws

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Other Legal Documents

Guidelines on the implementation of the order No. 09/PM regarding Intensification on Land Use Management for Industrial Tree Plantations and Other Crops Nationwide, 2018

Resolution Of the Party’s Central Committee On the Enhancement of Land Management and Development in New Period, 2017

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