Webinar Report: Land in Post-Conflict Settings

    25/06/2019 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Land Portal

    Webinar Report: Land in Post-Conflict Settings

    Post-war societies not only have to deal with continuing unpeaceful relations but also land-related conflict legacies, farmland and forest degradation, heavily exploited natural resources, land mines, a destroyed infrastructure, as well as returning refugees and ex-combatants. In the aftermath of war, access to and control of land often remains a sensitive issue which may precipitate tensions and lead to a renewed destabilization of volatile post-conflict situations.

    The webinar on land in post-conflict settings took place on 25 June, 2019.  It addressed issues of displacement, international principles to mitigate post-war land restitution, land legacies and tenure reforms, repercussions of commercial land deals and infrastructure projects, as well as interlinkages to conflict transformation.

    The webinar was co-organized by  GIZ – German Cooperation, the Land Portal Foundation, McGill University and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

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